Wallace Wang


Hi! My name is Wallace Wang. I grew up in a Christian family and began to seek God from my thirteen years old. I got my Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering from XD University. In my college period, I engaged in a student fellowship and served for four years in my part-time. Almost every summer, I joined in the short mission trip, going out to preach Gospel in Universities.

After my graduation, I worked as a material engineer in Material Lab at ZXX Company for eleven years. As a part-time minister, I served in OXX Church for ten years, engaging to build and lead youth fellowship. In 2020, I left OXX Church and built a new house church with several brothers, which belongs to the reformation religion. In 2021, I confirmed the call from God to serve him in my left life. Then, I left my work and began to learn in RPTS. I have been married to Ruth for more than 12 years, and we have a daughter–Charity. Thank you.


Email: [email protected]

RPTS Status

  • Degree Program: MDiv
  • Began: Sept. 2021
  • Expected Graduation: May 2025
  • Under Care: RPCNA

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