Nathan Trommler

Nathan Trommler


Greetings, I am lifetime resident of SE Pennsylvania with a diversity of experiences. I love Jesus, to read and discuss good books, and my wife and children. My aim in life is to bring glory to God by enjoying Him forever. This plays out currently in my life through running my digital marketing company, preparation for postgraduate studies, teaching in my local church, and outreach into my urban community in Reading, PA. My family’s long-term goal and why I came to RPTS is to establish institutions that we can leave for succeeding generations of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ that address all aspects of life. The Lord is making the way possible even now. Thank you to all who support the work that RPTS is doing in helping train leaders for the Church of Christ.


Email: [email protected]

RPTS Status

  • Degree: MTS Biblical Counseling/History-Doc.
  • Began: Sept. 2021
  • Expected graduation: May 2024
  • ACBC Certification/ Ordination as Pastor/Church Planter in BFC 2025

BB Warfield Lecture

Heinrich Bullinger Lecture

Christ in the OT